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Dr. McConochie

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William A.
McConochie, Ph.D
License # 225, Oregon


Clinical and Research

Valid, Reliable, Interesting and Useful Tests

Welcome to TestMaster! I provide a wide array of professionally designed assessment and self-discovery tests for a variety of audiences.

My tests include ones for intelligence, personality, career choice, clinical problems, job potential and other topics. They are for use by clinicians, teens and adults, parents and businesses. We offer online test taking & scoring and online payment!


McGB - Generic Battery for Job Applicants
Create customized assessments for employees and job applicants.  Tests can include sections in intelligence, personality, factual knowledge, business management aptitude, stress tolerance, criminal proneness, and others.

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Please click on a category below for a list of relevant tests

Human Resources Managers

Screen job applicants for virtually any job, including business managers

Tests for intelligence, depression, anxiety, worry, PTSD, ADHD, the Big Five

School Counselors

I.Q., career choices via detailed personality profile, violence-proneness
Corrections Personnel

Traits that put persons at risk for delinquent, criminal and violent behavior

Adults & Teens

Your intelligence, personality, career choice, genius potential, personal problems



Test your child's I.Q., personality, ADHD, violence-proneness


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